Amazon has announced Prime Day Sale in India

It is some time now Amazon has been on a back foot owing to the ongoing COVID situations in India especially the second wave which hit every single state hard. Where Flipkart was still having enough sales unlike Amazon had just essentials up for sale.

Though Amazon started sales by the beginning of July it was not that great where it was just Pantry Sale for the month beginning and skipped the Super Sale/Salary Days.

And now the big buzz is that all of what was happening lately is going to be compensated. Amazon has now announced the Prime Day sale for this year and it would be happening on 26 and 27th of this month. It is late if at all you compare this with the US where it happened in June, usual dates of Prime Day actually.

Though Amazon has not revealed the prices and deals, all they have given is a teaser page where they have listed the products and left it to your assumptions. But for someone who has been following the sales from Amazon regularly on Prime Day can clearly say it would not be a disappointment.

Here we look deep into this upcoming sale from Amazon here:

First I will look into the mobile section here are some picks which interest me.

  1. iPhone 11 would be a nice pick if it comes for 45,000 + card offer.
  2. One Plus devices should come at a 3000-5000 extra price cut.
  3. Mi 11X 5G at a 5000 price cut.

Another big segment which I would prefer to keep an eye on is the electronics segment. There is a buzz that this segment could have offer up to 60% on selected items. Some interesting picks from this segment is listed below.

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