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Every penny counts, and sales are the best move you could make. If Amazon India is your go-to website to buy things online, this is your last search online to find upcoming sales in Amazon as we list down all the sales from Amazon right here.

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Why wait for Amazon Upcoming Sale?

Shop online or visiting a physical store to shop — this is the first preference each customer faces when buying something.

The variables driving into this choice can rely upon things like how much time you have and where you’ll get the best worth; however, the decision, at last, comes down to comfort.

Amazon Upcoming Sale

Customers currently look for quicker access to the items, and they prefer faster services with special prices. For a large number of us, this pattern has moved our choice to online-based shopping. There are additional advantages to this choice.

You can be a sloth as long as you can. You don’t even need to leave your bed for shopping. You can select 24-hour delivery if you are an amazon prime member. You can purchase worldwide brands. You can get more product data and also reviews from one who owns the same product.

Also, you can experience personalized shopping along with the feature enabling an opportunity to return the product within a specified time if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Don’t you loathe it when you lastly choose to jump on a significant buy, to see it turn up to a lesser price two or three months down the road?

One superb approach to dodge this widespread issue is to deliberately design your shopping to agree with the year’s online sales. We have encapsulated a manual to assist you with exploring occasional deals and locating the best season to purchase pretty much anything.

Moreover, the vast offers, discounts, festive sales, etc., will not allow pinching your pocket. A penny saved is a penny earned. ‘Be Ready to Shop a Ton Online’ following the list of Upcoming Amazon Sales.

Amazon Upcoming Sale Dates

Sale NameExpected Sale DateWhat can you expect?
Amazon Prime Day12th – 14th July 2021The biggest sale from Amazon, the Prime Day sale, will offer you the best prices on almost everything.
Amazon Super Value Days1st – 7th August 2021Month beginning grocery sale from Amazon.
Fab Phone Fest12th – 14th August 2021Exclusive sales of mobile phones from Amazon.
Independence Sale12th – 15th AugustAmazon is ready for Independence day of India with a special sale which is set to start the second week of August.
Raskhandan Dhamaka19th – 23rd AugustThe festival of bonds and love celebrate with Amazon with their special Rakshabandan Sale.

Latest Amazon Sale NEWS

Amazon Sales; The sales from Amazon which you can look for

Amazon has a bundle of sales starting from New Year sales to Christmas sales every single year. It’s more structured with most of the dates you could guess, and a lot of us already know what’s coming. But we at SaleHungry have got a team to watch these sales, making them near to accurate when we predict the date. Moreover, we have some sources which tip us with exclusive dates and offer details.

Sales left for this year: Upcoming sales of 2021

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021

As we all know, the Black Friday sale is one of the sales with the most discounts available. Mainly focused on tech and gadgets, this sale is the best time for tech-savvy to make their move. The sale will start on 27th November 2021 and end with the Cyber Monday sale on 30th November.

Amazon Cyber Monday Sale 2021

Cyber Monday sale, in general, focuses on gadgets and accessories and it is no different at Amazon. Look for the biggest offers on gadgets on Cyber Monday Amazon Sale.

End of the Season Sale; The Christmas, Year End Sale

Amazon New Year Sale 2022; Start the year with a sale

The previous new year sale from Amazon of 2021 was hugely successful. They offered some of the finest discounts and deals as the best new year gift their customers could get. The sale offered kickass discounts on groceries and accessories for households along with deals on men’s and women’s clothing.

It would not be any different when the upcoming new year sale from Amazon happens in 2022. We expect the sale to happen in the first week of 2022. The sale probably will start on 30th December 2021 and will be live until January 2022.

Offers should be mainly on clothing and accessories. You can expect up to 50% off on clothing for both men and women and up to 40% sale price on accessories including footwear.

Biggest Sales from Amazon India

If you ask a European which is the biggest sale from Amazon, the straightaway answer would be Prime Day. But for India, it’s two if you would ask me, Prime Day and Great Indian Sale. You know Indians love sales and deals.

Amazon Prime Day 2021; Biggest Sale from Amazon

The biggest sale event from the retail giant, Amazon Prime Day is a two-day sale festival. The two days, which usually will be in May, sees the biggest price cuts on everything.

In 2020 the pandemic messed it up a little, but things are back on track; hence we expect the sale to be happening in May 2021. Every year the total gross value of sales crosses the last year’s numbers, and we see that coming this year, too, as Prime Day 2021 is nearing.

When is Prime Day 2021 in India?

Every year, India has different Prime Day dates from Europe, which could be the same this year. We don’t have the actual dates yet, but you could expect them in the first week of May 2021.

Great Indian Sale; Biggest Sale in India from Amazon

Great Indian Sale the biggest sale from Amazon, which breaks their typical norm of keeping just one Dhamaka sale, which they do everywhere else. There is only one reason for this Big Billion Day, the biggest sale from Flipkart, the desi retail giant from India.

The idea of this sale is to counter Big Billion Day sale from Flipkart which happens in the Q4 of every year. The sales will have equal or almost equal discounts on almost everything which makes it one of the best sales from Amazon.

When is Great Indian Sale 2021?

TBH, we does not have the exact dates but we expect this to happen in the month of October. Possibly the first week of October 2021.

Regular Monthly Sales from Amazon

This is a little hack for you if you look for upcoming sales in Amazon regularly. Amazon keeps a pattern for their sales, and if you follow this, you would never want to check our Amazon upcoming sale guide, ever.

Here are some of the regular Amazon sales you can expect every month or in every quarter at the least.

Amazon Pantry Sale; When is the next one?

This sale from Amazon targets explicitly the customers who want to cut down the costs on their grocery purchases every month. An Amazon sale that runs the first seven days of every month is what the Pantry sale is.

The sale will happen from 1st to 7th of every month, and you can get exclusive discounts on everything grocery and fresh in these seven days.

When is next Amazon Super Sale?

Amazon Super Sale is a replacement sale for WOW Salary Days. An upcoming Super Sale can give you exclusive discounts on everything Fashion. Get extra card offers too, which will vary every month.

You can expect Super Sale on the first of every month and will go on for three days.

BookBazaar: For the Book Lovers

If you have a love for books, keep a watch on this sale from Amazon. Amazon Book Bazaar sale is a regular sale from Amazon, which happens from 10th to 14th every month.

FAQ’s About Amazon Sales

The current sale in Amazon is Mega Shopping Sale..

Amazon Great Indian Sale happens usually in the months of October and November. Next Great Indian Sale will be in October 2021.

Yes there is an upcoming Book Bazaar sale on 10th Of June 2021.

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