Flipkart Big Saving Days to Start on 25th July

I was wondering why Flipkart is so quiet after Amazon Prime Day is making so much noise in the market already? I was not wrong boy, here it is the Flipkart Big Savings starting the 25th of July to counter the Amazon Sale.

It was way too obvious that a sale coming from Flipkart to counter the Amazon Prime Day, at least that is the history has told us and it repeats. The two e-commerce giants are taking up arms in the online space this month-end.

Amazon has announced the Prime Day from 26 to 27, Flipkart has gone a step ahead and announced the Big Saving Days from 25-29th July 2021. To make it even worse for Amazon, Flipkart has also got almost the same deals on board.

So let’s deep dive into the deals which are up for grab. Just like Amazon, the sneak peek has nothing much detailed on the pricing side but yeah Flipkart too has left it to our imagination which you can check right here.

Again here the top deals include mobile phones and tablets which is obvious considering that electronic gadgets are one of the most sought products in an e-commerce sale. The electronics and accessories section has is believed to have a price cut of up to 80%. And the things to move to your watch list would be Apple devices on sale and the POCO devices, maybe.

Something else I found interesting was the clothing sale which is named India Ka Fashion Capital and it has got something big for you. There is an OFF of 50% minimum and which may even go as high as 80%. That includes running shoes, t-shirts, and other fashion essentials.

There are more deals on furniture, electronic appliances, Flipkart brands, beauty, foods, and more. If you are up to grab some exciting deals this BIG Saving Days these are the times you should watch for CRAZY DEALS at 12 AM, 8 AM, and 4 PM, RUSH HOURS till 25th July 2 AM and TICK TOCK DEALS 4-10 PM.

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